Shopping List

Spaghetti & Meatballs: 15 pounds of spaghetti, 300-400 meatballs, 12 BIG jars of Prego Tomato Sauce, 8 cucumbers, 6 big bags/10 regular sized bags of salad, 2 bottles of salad dressing.

Tacos: 210 taco shells, 25 pounds of ground beef, 6 large bags of Tostito chips, 2 big jars/6 regular jars of salsa, 1 big box of Minute Rice, 1 large tub/3 regular tubs of sour cream, 5 pounds of shredded cheese, rice (Mexican/Regular) to serve 150, 8 heads of lettuce.

Grilled Cheese: 9-11 loaves of bread, 400 slices of Cheddar Cheese, 3 large bags/6 regular bags of potato chips, 1 large jar/3 regular sized jars of sweet pickles, 36 reglar cans of tomato soup, 2 gallons milk.

Hot Dogs: 200 hot dogs, 200 buns, 3 large bags/6 regular bags of potato chips, 20 regular sized cans of baked beans.

Meatloaf: 100 baking potatoes (in tin foil to expedite baking), 3 tubs of sour cream, 25 pounds ground beef, 4 boxes Lipton Onion Soup (follow meatloaf recipe on box), 36 oz ketchup (for mix), ketchup packets for guests, dozen eggs, 9 cups plain breadcrumbs, 2 large boxes Velveeta cheese, 8 extra large cans of green beans, 10 cans Cream of Mushroom soup, 1 24 oz. container of bread crumbs, 1 gallon milk.

Breakfast: 20 dozen eggs, 6 regular sized boxes of pancake mix, 2 regular syrups, 1 sugar free syrup, 2 gallons milk, 1 gallon orange juice, 225 frozen breakfast sausages.