murphy’s cupboard

Many of our abundant table guests have furry friends of their own whom they love very much. Many have sacrificed permanent housing in order to stay bonded with their beloved dog or cat. The companionship and unconditional love exchanges between animal and human is like no other and abundant table is committed to ensuring health and well-being to the furry family members of our guests.

Murphy’s cupboard is always well stocked with dry and wet food (for both cats and dogs), treats, poop bags, leashes, collars and special handmade baskets stuffed to the brim with delightful dog needs!

Affectionately named after aislynn’s beloved canine companion, Murphy, and the pup of one of our faithful cupboard contributors, Murphy’s cupboard is a wonderful resource for our animal-loving guests.

Interested in donating? We need poop bags, flea/tick treatment, visa gift cards to defray vet costs, toys and of course treats!

Thank you!