Volunteer Guidlines

Abundant Table, Inc. prides itself on recruiting and retaining some of the most wonderful individuals and families to serve on our volunteer team. Without such wonderful people, Abundant Table would not be the successful organization it has proven itself to be over our eight year tenure. While the primary prerequisite for volunteering with Abundant Table is a kind and compassionate spirit, there are additional guidelines that ensure promotion of our respect-driven mission. These guidelines can be found on the first link below and are essential for all volunteers to review and agree to before serving at Abundant Table. The second link is an information sheet. Please take a moment to fill it out so we as an organization have an accurate record of who is volunteering within our organization. The final download is perhaps the most important. Given the nature of our work with Abundant Table, confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Read and sign the confidentiality agreement. Please fill out these papers and either print them and bring them in on your first night of service, or email them to Aislynn at: aislynn@abundant-table.org. Thank you.

Young people who would like to volunteer within the organization (age 13+) are expected to show initiative and send the preliminary email/make the initial phone call. That shows buy in and interest. We are not interested in having mom or dad set up Community Service hours, Religious Education credits, etc.

Volunteers will not eat during the evening. Service to others is the fundamental goal, so please plan accordingly and eat either before or after volunteering.

It is the expectation that volunteers wanting to work in the kitchen as a group provide the meal (purchase necessary food). Utilizing suggested menu items, we give you creative license to shop for and plan a special meal! Volunteers must be 13+ to work in the kitchen.

While we make a consorted effort to place volunteers where they want to go (kitchen/dining room), final decision is given to AT staff. As volunteers it is essential that you understand the needs of the organization and willingly serve wherever the need is most felt.

Volunteers coming to serve as a family, with a religious/athletic/civic group, or as an individual, are asked to bring items that are essential for weekly meal service. Items include: paper towels, disinfectant spray, dishwasher detergent, dish soap, individual cans of soup, individual macaroni and cheese cups, pudding cups, to-go boxes, paper plates, plastic silverware, etc. Because Abundant Table is run 100% on donation, collection of these items on an ongoing basis is crucial. Many thanks for your cooperation and willingness to give.

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